The American Legion, Department of New Jersey, Scholarship


Two(2)   $4,000 Education Scholarships ($1,000 year for four years) Four(4)   $2,000 Education Scholarships ($1,000 year for two years) Two(2)   $1,000 Education Scholarships ($1,000 for one year)  One(1)   $1,500 John Casey Scholarship ($1,500 for one year)

Application forms must be postmarked no later than February 15, 2016.

  (For applications see Forms and Documents, or contact Post/Department)




1. Applicant must be a natural or adopted descendant of a member of The American Legion, Department of New Jersey (son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, etc.)


2. Applicant’s forbearer must be a current member of The American Legion, Department of New Jersey, or if deceased, a MEMBER AT TIME of death. (For the John Casey Scholarship, the Forbearer must be combat wounded.)


3.Applicant must be a member of the graduating class of high school including Vo-tech for the year 2016.


4. Applicant must use the award the year it is received. Four year scholarship to be completed in four consecutive years.


5. The scholarship will be awarded on the following categories:

a) CHARACTER - 20% - high standards of conduct; keen sense of right;strength of character; adherence to truth and conscience and a belief in God (i.e. letter from pastor, rabi, etc., volunteer work)

b) AMERICANISM/COMMUNITY SERVICE - 20% - fine ideals; love of Country;ability to accept a citizens responsibility (e.g. Boys and Girls State, Scouting, Flag, Education, Community Service, etc.)

c) LEADERSHIP - 20% - ability to lead and to accomplish through group action (e.g. Club/School President. Drum Major, etc.)

d) SCHOLORSHIP - 20% - certified transcripts since freshman year, including all grades, GPA, class rank, SAT scores, etc.

e) BASIS OF NEED - 20% - actual need of financial assistance to continue their higher education. Family's IRS 1040 is mandatory


6. Applicant must file a questionnaire properly completed as per enclosed form


7. If the applicants selected for the awards fail to qualify for admission to such school or college of his or her selection by August 1, 2016. The award will be forfeited.


8. Applications to be signed by both the applicant and Comander of the sponsoring post. Application received by post 1000 should not be signed by a post Commander but directed to state headquarters in Trenton for the department commanders signature.

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