Post 281 Honor Guard


Chip Roach
Lt. Colonel
Post 281 Honor Guard


Through the 65 year history of Post 281, there have been several different versions of an Honor Guard. The present Honor Guard “incarnation” was formally organized in 1991, with the main purpose of developing and maintaining a uniformed and trained detail to provide military honors at the funerals of deceased Post members.


While we hold that to be our most sacred duty, we have also expanded into a well trained and uniformed Color Guard and Rifle Squad. We meet monthly for training and practice. The present 15 members of the Post 281 Honor Guard devote over 1500 hours per year to civic, educational, and funeral activities.


Our Post 281 Honor Guard is involved in saluting the dead at monuments and cemeteries on Memorial Day weekend, provides services at Locustwood Cemetery in Cherry Hill and many others, and takes part in the annual Flag Disposal ceremony every June.


To Contact the Honor Guard for services please email the Colonel of the Guard at


or you can contact our Post Commander at





Post 281 Honor Guard — Memorial Day, May, 2015

Photo: Evan Graham


Post 281 Honor Guard at Funerals
While funerals are usually not something we like to think about (especially our own), we would like to make clear the services of the Honor Guard.

While one of the main reasons the Honor Guard exists is to provide services at funerals, for obvious reasons we will not contact your family to inquire if they want our services. The way your family should request Honor Guard services is for the person handling your funeral arrangements to contact the Post at (856) 228-9869 and get in touch with the Commander or Sgt-at-Arms to discuss specifics.


Services that can be performed are: 
•   Casket Guard at the viewing;
•   Conducting The American Legion Funeral service during the viewing; and 
•   Firing Squad with bugler at grave side. 
The day and time of the viewing and funeral may affect the services that we can provide (some of us still work).

Only Post 281 Members are Eligible 
for Post 281 Honor Guard Funeral Services

Funeral services of the Honor Guard are available only to members in good standing of Post 281. This was not a decision that we made lightly. While we understand that some veterans belong to Posts that do not have an Honor Guard, and some veterans do not belong to veterans’ organizations at all, we are unable to honor funeral service requests from their families.

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