Military History Links

Military History Links



General Military History Resources
Veterans' History Project (Library of Congress)
Encyclopedia Smithsonian — Armed Forces History
Naval Historical Center — Wars and Conflicts
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
The Army Center of Military History
U.S. Army Military History Institute
The Air Force Historical Research Agency
The U.S. Air Force Museum, Dayton, OH
U.S. Marine Corps History and Museum Division
U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office
The American Merchant Marine At War
History of the Defense Intelligence Agency
The CIA Document Release Center
The National Archives and Records Administration — History Center




World War I

World War I — Trenches on the Web
BBC History — World War I
Encyclopedia of the First World War
First World War — “the war to end all wars”
World War I Document Archive
Eyewitness to History — World War I
World War I Aviation History

Military History — World War I 



World War II

National D-Day Memorial Foundation

Rutgers University Oral History Archives of World War II

Institute on World War II and the Human Experience
World War II Oral Histories by Tankbooks
BBC History — World War II
The World at War — 1939-1945
Eyewitness to History — World War II
Bletchley Park — Breaking the German Enigma codes

HyperWar World War II — Military/Service Histories



Korean War

USA Korean War Commemoration
The Korean War Project
Korean War History
U.S. Air Force Korean War History
U.S. Navy Korean War History
Korean War — Second Infantry Division
Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Korean War History Resources



Vietnam War

History of the Vietnam War
Digital History: The Vietnam War
Vietnam Online
Battlefield: Vietnam
Vietnam War History Resources
The Vietnam War Photo History
Battles and Operations of the Vietnam War

Vietnam War History — Past, Present, Future

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