Here are the requirements to join our Chapter:


1. You must be a member of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, and/or the Sons of the American Legion. 


2. You must own A motorcycle with 750cc's or greater. 


3. Members must be in good standings with a current dues card. (You do not have to be a member of our post.) 


4. All requirements that meet New Jersey standard law must be current and up to date; insurance card, registration, license etc. 


5. After filling out the Riders’ application, we will vote on the member the following month. 


6. Once voted into the program, you will need to pay your dues, purchase patches from the Membership Chairman and have them sewn on your vest.



We have heard your voices and after much consideration, The members of the American Legion Riders Chapter 281 have started a pilot program for members of the American Legion Post Family to become riders members. Below you will find the requirements to become a Riders Member; Auxiliary Member, or even A PUR Member.


PUR Membership

PUR means: Physically Unable to Ride.

1. PUR members must be an active member, in good standing of the American Legion Post, Auxiliary Unit, or SAL Squadron.

2. PUR members are expected to drive their vehicles during sanctioned events if they are not riding as a passenger on a motorcycle.

3. PUR members may wear the American Legion Riders patch on an approved vest as long as payment for patch is submitted for remittance.

(other rules apply. For more information, please see the President or Vice President for more details.)


Auxiliary Members

1. Auxiliary members are spouses or common law partners of the American Legion Riders.

2. Auxiliary members must be a member of the American Legion family.

3. Is a Non-operator who wants to join for the camaraderie, brotherhood/sisterhood and overall love of motorcycles.

4. Auxiliary members will wear patches of the Chapter with the exception of the “CHAPTER 281” rocker.

(other rules apply. For more information, please see the President or Vice President for more details.)



If you have any questions about the Rider’s or joining the Riders’ program, you can talk to anyone that is wearing a Rider’s vest or one of the officers. We are NOT a motorcycle club, but a program under the American Legion. If you want to join and be a member please fill out an application and give it to a rider or the bartender at the Canteen.

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