Post 281's Living History is a new section of this website, to record the history and share the stories of members and area residents who served during wartime. This is intended to preserve their personal histories and to make them available to schools and to the community.

World War II Veterans
Raymond O. Orr Mary Monahan Orr
Ray Orr - WWII Mary Orr - WWII

Raymond Orr was a U.S. Navy veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart during World War II. Ray saw duty in several major battles and was a survivor of the Normandy invasion in 1944. Read more…


Before she was legally old enough to enlist, Mary thought she saw excitement in the life of a WWII WAC — and so she fibbed about her age and signed up. She found the reality was very different. Read more…


James T. Burns
Jim Burns
Jim Burns is a World War II veteran, when he served as a member of the elite 82nd Airborne in France and Germany. Read more…  


Additional World War II resources
 The POW Diary of Private George L. Vaughan
Diary kept by Pvt. Vaughan, who was a German prisoner in Stalag VII-A, Moosburg, Germany, during part of 1944-1945, until liberated by U.S. forces.
 Washington Station 1942-1945
A Navy wife's often humorous memories of life on the home front in Washington DC during World War II, including rationing, victory gardens and shortages of everything.

Personal histories will be archived and available on the Post 281 site, and may be forwarded to the Library of Congress with the approval of the person(s) involved. We may also include first person narratives about civilian service for the military (Red Cross, USO, Army Special Services, etc.) at home and overseas during periods of conflict.

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