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The mission of the Girls State Committee is to provide an outstanding unique and coveted educational opportunity to young women of our nation that installs the basic ideals and principals of American government through Girls State and Girls Nation citizenship training programs.

The 1937 National Conventional organized Girls State as a national Americanism activity.  Girls State is a practical application of Americanism and good citizenship.
The program is non-partisan, non-political attempt to teach and inculcate in the youth of America a love of  God and country.  A national committee to direct the program was created in 1946.

Purpose: The purpose of Girls is to provide citizenship training for girls who completed their Junior year of high school; to afford them an opportunity to live together as self-governing citizens; to inform them about the duties, privities, rights and responsibilities  of American citizenship, in order that they may understand and participate in the functioning of their government; and to help them gasp the meaning of some of the responsibilities which they much assume when they become adults.

Selection: Girls State is highly selective program designed for young women with above average academic standing, outstanding character and exemplary leadership qualities. The Unit select selects in conjunction with local high school educators.

Unit 281 proudly sponsors girls from each of the Gloucester Township High School; Highland, Timber Creek and Triton and because of the great financial sponsors we are able to send a total of 13 girls to the program.

Our financial sponsors for the 2015 program were;
Gloucester Twp Rotary
Gloucester Two Kiwanis
Glendora Volunteer Fire Co. No.1
Sons of The American Legion Squadron 281
Earle Funeral Home
Mayor David Mayer
Carolynn Thompson

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